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Your Path to Unlocking
Peak Leadership Performance!

The L.E.P. is for professionals in construction and engineering who are eager to develop, grow, or enhance their leadership skills to make a lasting impact on their careers and for their organizations.

Whether you are a rising star, a new leader, or an experienced professional our program is designed to empower you with the tools, resources, and insights needed to excel in your role as a leader. 

Space is limited.

Be sure to register early!

Registration will be open 

August 1 - September 6, 2023

Classes start September 13, 2023

*ask about our group discount or bringing

this program to your organization*

Engineering, construction and team with woman manager outdoor for civil engineer project.

(em) Powering Your Path to Success!

57% of US workers have left their jobs due to inadequate leadership and unsupportive environments.

At The Leader's GPS Academy, we often hear leader's say they lack the skills, confidence, or proper training to lead their teams and organizations into the future.


Business owner's, don't let the lack of effective leadership cost you valuable skilled tradespeople and top talent! In an industry where excellence is the cornerstone, poor leadership and toxic cultures can drive away the very individuals who can make a difference.

If you're a construction or engineering industry leader facing a never-ending bucket of challenges and feeling like you're not living up to your potential, know that you're not alone. 60% of new managers and 50%-70% of new executives fail within their first 18-24 months.

Our Leadership Effectiveness Program offers an exciting and transformative experience, (with a dash of fun!), designed to help leader's like you develop new skills, overcome obstacles and roadblocks, and gain the necessary confidence to seamlessly connect

business strategy with people strategy.

Construction worker excited jump on construction site. Construction engineer worker in bui

Embark on a Journey of Growth:

Get ready to embark on a journey of growth in our L.E.P. where we will explore a wide range of in-demand and crucial leadership topics, as well as engage in assessments including a leadership 360 survey.

Throughout the program, you'll explore essential competencies that form the foundation of exemplary leadership. From honing your communication skills to confidently delegating responsibilities to managing change you'll develop the tools needed to lead with clarity, conviction, and confidence.

Freelancer - Architect working at home on a design or draft, on his desk are books, a lapt

Navigating Your Leadership Journey:


As you progress through the L.E.P. you'll  be given opportunities to discuss your unique challenges, engage with other leader's in the program, and share your experiences in our "safe to share" monthly training workshops, private 1:1 coaching sessions, peer to peer activities, and in the course portal (where you'll find some fun surprises each month!) to help you expand your capacity as a leader.

We will cover a new topic each month, but that does not mean it is a one and done process. Nope, to reinforce learning, develop better strategies for change, and encourage action, the chosen topics will play off one another, 

By the end of our comprehensive leadership development program, participants will leave equipped with a wealth of invaluable skills and insights to enhance their leadership journey.

Inside the Program:

Masterful Communication and Collaboration: 


Enhance your communication skills to convey ideas clearly and foster collaboration within your team and across stakeholders. Learn to adapt, listen actively, and provide constructive feedback. Ensure your messages are impactful and received in the manner in which they were intended.

Master Delegation for Optimal Efficiency:

Learn the art of delegating tasks effectively, empowering your team members while ensuring tasks are accomplished effectively. Understand how to match responsibilities with team members' strengths for optimal outcomes.

Navigate Change Management with Agility:

Develop the skills to lead your team through periods of change smoothly. Learn strategies to communicate changes, address concerns, and adapt to evolving circumstances, fostering a resilient and adaptable team culture.

Strategic Goal Setting & Execution:

Learn how to set clear and ambitious goals that align with your team's and organization's vision. Develop strategies for breaking down goals into actionable steps, tracking progress, and adjusting strategies as needed to ensure successful execution.

Effective Team Building and Collaboration:

Discover strategies to build cohesive and high-performing teams. Learn how to identify team members' strengths, assign roles effectively, foster a sense of belonging and collaboration, and create an environment where diversity and inclusivity thrive for optimum team performance

Implement Strategic Decision-Making:

Acquire the tools to make decisions in a structured and well-informed manner. Explore methods to gather and analyze data, consider various options, and mitigate risks, resulting in more systematic and confident decision-making

Create a Compelling Vision:


 Cultivate the ability to visualize the future of your team and industry. You'll become adept at inspiring and motivating your team by sharing a compelling vision, igniting their passion and commitment to achieving shared aspirations.

Enhance Emotional Intelligence:

Effective leaders recognize the significance of emotional intelligence in fostering positive relationships and driving success. Our program delves into emotional intelligence, empowering you to understand and manage emotions, both yours and those of your team, with empathy and authenticity.

Foster Strategic Thinking Skills:

 Develop your ability for insightful strategic analysis, adding exceptional value to your company's overarching objectives. Acquire the expertise of strategic thinking and its practical application in various projects. 

Space is limited.

Be sure to register early!

Registration will be open 

August 1 - September 6, 2023

Classes start September 13, 2023

*ask about our group discount

or bringing

this program to your organization*

Here's what sets the Leadership Effectiveness Program apart

We go beyond the ordinary.  We delve deep into the core principles of effective leadership.

With our proven strategies and tools, you will be equipped to conquer day- to-day business challenges that come your way and emerge as the confident, effective, and downright badass leader you were always meant to be - and your company desires! ​


At the Leader's GPS Academy, we're not just about theory; we're all about putting knowledge into action!

Our Leadership Effectiveness Program explores a ran